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Belle Garden Estate | Virginia Wedding Venue

Photo given by Belle Garden Estate for guest post. Photo by Carly C Photography

Belle Garden Estate | A Historic Event Venue & Inn located in Wirtz, Virginia | Elizabeth Hill Photography

Hey friends and welcome to the first blog post for the Wedding Resources series!  I am so excited to share with you over the next few weeks some of my favorite vendors and venues who are serving our industry each and every day! With COVID-19 consuming our every thought, a lot of us are staying home, so why not wedding plan from our couches? I also want to tell you that as an industry, even though we are hurting and are hurt for our couples as they navigate this, we all stand in awe of the sacrifice so many are making daily to keep us safe.

I thought about how I could help serve couples and share with them valuable information about people they would want to know when they begin planning! This series will cover how they are responding to COVID-19, some of the basic questions you would ask of venues or vendors when you inquire, and then a couple of questions to get to know them better!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be kicking this off with Isabelle Russell, owner of Belle Garden Estate and Garden Rose Events! Tucked away in Wirtz, VA, this amazing plantation offers beautiful views, a huge pavilion incase it rains, is only a few miles from Roanoke and offers a modern twist on this history beauty. Isabelle is a powerhouse friends and has a passion to see couples truly LOVE their wedding day! Enjoy all her answers from our interview below!

COVID -19 Questions

Learning More About Belle Garden Estate

More from Isabelle

Photo given by Belle Garden Estate for guest post. Photo by Carly C Photography

Thank you Isabelle for being a guest on the blog today to share all the great things you offer at Belle Garden Estate and Garden Rose Events!

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