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Our clients come to us for an intentional and thoughtful experience for their wedding day. We highly value family, timeless traditions, small details, and capturing your legacy. Based in Atlanta Georgia, we travel to Charleston, Florida + worldwide for our couples. We are always crafting a treasured experience that can be felt in any destination so that you feel comfortable in front of our cameras and excited for the art we create for you — always distinctive, timeless, and classic.

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Our #1 goal is to make you feel like you soaked in every minute of your wedding day.

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Reviews from our couples

“Everytime I received photos from Elizabeth, I cried.”

“I burst into tears when I saw my husbands reaction when I walked down the aisle in our sneak peek.” 

“My family, friends, and husband still rave about Elizabeth to this day.”

“The love and attention behind every photo sets EHP apart.” 

“The pictures made us speechless.”

The EHP Couple

YOUR Experience

We want an intentional relationship that begins with your trust. You deserve our very best and we will provide you with authentic, resourceful and clear communication about your wedding day vision.

Meet Elizabeth