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5 Reasons We Love Kiss Heirloom Albums

Heirloom Legacy Albums | Why We Love Kiss Albums | Elizabeth Hill Photography

I have been shooting photos for many years now, but it was just in the last year that I began to seriously think about the legacy photos have for families. You may not fit the parameters of this statistic, but did you know that 85% of people who get photos captured by a professional photographer never do anything with the digital files?

That pierced my heart like a knife! As creatives and professionals, we care deeply about the photos we take of you because we know they are memories you can’t get back. That might be cliche, but the fact remains, that if you let your heart and your mind go there, there is so much power in that statement.

You can’t “redo” a wedding day. You can’t just make your child be 2 years old again when you could make them laugh hysterically by just saying a certain word over and over. You can’t get back those memories with your family dog, whose been with you since you had kids. All of these are memories in our life that are precious and part of our story – they are worth preserving!

Now before I give you my 5 reasons for investing in albums,  I want to be clear that I’m not blogging and saying that any company is worse than the other because honestly, there are some SUPER desirable aspects to other album companies. When I started researching, there are a ton of different options at different price points that have perks like  built in software systems, streamlined ordering, crazy fast turn around times, blogs with resources, community within their users, etc. I’m just telling you that after a lot of research and testing, why I found the best quality and experience to be with Kiss Albums and where that story began.

I connected with Shaun (CEO, Owner, and Photographer of KISS) at a conference because I had lots of questions. He answered every one of them so intentionally and when I received all my samples, I shed tears! I do not say that lightly friends! I instantly began dreaming of my current and future couples, their families and what kind of stories these albums could tell because in my research, I was lookin for top notch quality, with intentional and thoughtful story telling.

KISS ALBUMS gives me all of that. Here are the 5 Reasons We love their Heirloom Albums:

1. KISS ALBUMS Mission is to be in constant pursuit of simple.

This is the number one reason I love this company. I wanted it to be simple, elegant, intentional and high quality for my people. KISS checks all the boxes for me with this one and are constantly giving back to the creative community, asking how they can improve and their customer service is top notch. I knew that this would be a great way to serve my people because they knew what kind of investment they were making and could feel confident in that!

2. I didn’t want to be in the 85% statistic

S0 what does this 85% do with their digital images when they are delivered? – The obvious things happen of course: You change your profile picture on your social media platforms, download a few favorites for screen savers and a couple canvases for your house, but what happens to the rest? They live in folder on the internet, or worse, you loose the usb they delivered to you or your computer stops working and you’ve lost the files completely. We didn’t want this to be our couples and families stories. It’s built into the DNA of the EHP Experience because relationships is our core value. We can’t think of anything that serves relationships better, then intentionally putting your favorite photos in an album to share with generations to come. We also want to shout out to Align Album Design who assists us with some of our designs. This small business has so many talented designers and we love how they serve our clients too!

3. Your story is unique

As the professional, I love getting to custom design the unique story of wedding day, engagement, anniversary or family memories. As they unfold when I’m capturing you, I’m already thinking about how I can showcase and share this story well. When I host families and couples in my home to pick up their final album or get a video sent to me of people opening their album for the first time, I remember why this is so important. There is absolutely nothing like opening up a brand new album! Kiss gives me the ability to uniquely design each album to fit the client. They even offer a client to have up to three revisions with comments, which allows us the opportunity to collaborate and really get the album perfect!

4. You are intentionally preserving your legacy

It goes without saying, these are some of the best memories of your life. In 50 years,  you’ll be curled up on your couch with your grandkids and you can walk over to the shelf and bring this album out to show them and flip through. In a world that technology wise continues to move the bar forward, this is your chance to preserve specific memories that you never want to worry get lost or misplaced. Scott and I every year at our Anniversary, sit down and go through our album together – talking about our wedding day and the memories we have! I love that KISS ALBUMS core value also centers around community. Building it, investing in it, and watching people thrive and grow.

5. Supporting Small Business is such an honor. 

We partnered with KISS because we believe in their mission like I mentioned above, but truly I believe in what they stand behind in the product they give their clients. Each album is made by hand. Cut, covered, checked and handled individually by a person at Kiss. You are directly impacting their families, because you are supporting people who are passionate about your memories. That way when your album arrives several weeks later, you know it wasn’t rushed!

Here’s what Allie, mother of two said about investing in her album:
“I wanted to invest in the album so I could have the pictures in one spot and not have a wall of every picture. The quality of the pictures are amazing and the moment Beth sent me my album preview, I responded, “Beth, you’ve outdone yourself. I have to have this to remember these memories.” – Allie

So friends, if you trust me with your memories, I want you to consider investing in an heirloom album. These are the days to preserve your memories and I’m excited to offer this experience for all my clients worldwide! For more information about albums and how you can see your previews, email me at hello@elizabethhillphotography.com