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Top 6 Wedding Venues in SWVA & Northeast TN

Welcome to my list of the top 6 favorite Wedding Venues in Southwest VA and Northeast TN! If you live in this particular tip of the Virginia/Tennessee boarder, you know that there are a lot of different venues to choose from in the area!

Before I share some of my favorites, I want to share a couple things that I can’t recommend ENOUGH that you consider when working and touring a venue! The #1 piece of advice I can offer is to always consider if you can do EVERYTHING at that venue (eg. getting ready for everyone, ceremony, reception, etc.) I say this for YOUR sanity and the ease for your guests as when two different places are involved, it takes a ton more logistics to plan.

Even something as simple as being 15-30 minutes apart for different events to your day, can throw major wrenches into your planning and how the overall flow of the day goes! So if you can have it one place, I encourage you to consider that!

#2 – Make sure this venue you choose matches the overall aesthetic you are wanting to achieve for your wedding! If you love barns, make sure you tour all different color barns to see what fits your style! If you love the hotel + city vibe, make sure you tour the ballroom and ask to see what it looks like at NIGHT and with the colors for your reception so that you know what to expect! This will help you avoid surprises and also what to expect with your wedding photos as well!

#3 – There are some excellent private venues available in the area that you have to be a member or I have not personally shot a wedding or engagement at that I would like to add as honorable mentions here:

Okay, now let’s get started on some of my favorite places for weddings in Southwest VA + Northeast TN! Just for reference, these are in no particular order!

The Side Porch, Gray Tennessee

The Side Porch, Gray TN

I can’t say enough about the the team at The Side Porch, located in Gray Tennessee. Lucy and her team are an absolute dream! This White Barn features a gorgeous inside, with indoor and outdoor entertainment opportunities, an open field, a creek, several different spots to host your ceremony and an entire house to get ready in on the wedding day! They even have an entire Grooms Suite as well. This place is truly a full day wedding experience and is one of my favorite places to be in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee for weddings and engagement sessions!

Inquire for our team to capture your wedding at this destination here!

The Olde Farm, Bristol Virginia

The Olde Farm is nestled in the heart of Bristol, Virginia with the most exquisite detail for a wedding venue in Southwest Virginia! Home of one of the most sought after Golf Clubs on the East Coast, The Olde Farm in the perfect backdrop for your elegant, upscale wedding. It has beautiful views in every direction and also has a gorgeous outdoor reception area, complete with stone fireplaces to the ceiling, custom in-house catering, and details that will leave you breathless. It truly is a magical place to get married!

Inquire for our team to capture your wedding at this destination here!

Maple Lane Farm, Johnson City Tennessee

Maple Lane Farm truly has it all! They have a fabulous house for both bride and groom to get ready in, but also have a nice romantic spot by the water for your ceremony! They also have a completely covered, but open reception area perfect for all season weddings! In the summer, the vineyard makes an incredible backdrop for your photos, as well as taking their go-cart to the top of the property to overlook the mountains! The venue is such a treasure to the Johnson City area as it will fit all styles, regardless of your theme for your wedding! They also just recently installed an entire new waterfall, statement stone wall, and provide extra services such as in house catering. Don’t miss a tour at this incredible venue!

Inquire for our team to capture your wedding at this destination here!

4. The Waterstone, Johnson City Tennessee

The Waterstone is a premier venue for the Northeast Tennessee area! It feels like straight out of a storybook, their unique venue includes a tree house for the guys to get ready in and one of the most gorgeous homes for the girls to get ready in! Overlooking the entire property from both getting ready areas, this venue has a gorgeous man-made waterfall that is a backdrop in every photo taken during a wedding ceremony. The reception area is also so spacious and is easily known as one of the most unique venues in the area. If you are looking for something truly special, this venue checks all the boxes!

Inquire for our team to capture your wedding at this destination here!

5. The Barns at Chipridge, Abingdon VA

The Barns at Chipridge is tucked away in the fabulous small town of Abingdon VA! It’s views of the mountains are truly what draws so many couples to this venue! It has a gorgeous indoor reception area, as well as a place for both bride + groom and their party to get married all on property! It also has gorgeous florals and greenery all over the property which make it stand out as a very scenic and beautiful place to get married year round. One of my favorite things about this venue is the large open field that overlooks the mountains and has the sun setting perfectly over those mountains, making sunset portraits a DREAM! This venue is most certainly worth a tour on your search for the perfect venue for you!

Inquire for our team to capture your wedding at this destination here!

6. Middle Fork Barn, Meadowview VA

Middlefork Barn is nestled right off the Meadowview exit with nothing but mountain views in every direction! Secluded from the world, its the perfect place for you to spend the whole day for your wedding! There is a space for both bride + groom to get ready, as well as the opportunity to have your ceremony inside or outside based on the time of the year! It does have a smaller standard kitchen, so you will have to bring your own catering! This venue has a gorgeous sunset and huge open fields for you to roam for all your sunset portraits! A true gem tucked into Southwest Virginia!

Inquire for our team to capture your wedding at this destination here!

I hope you enjoyed my list of some of my favorite venues in Southwest VA and Northeast TN! I have had the pleasure of serving many couples in this region and its a joy! Though this is such a small list, there are countless others serving this region for you to have the perfect wedding day!

If you are still looking for a photographer, I would love to serve you!



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Elizabeth Hill is a destination wedding photographer based now in North Georgia. She is a native to Southwest Virginia for the past 30 years, where she frequently travels to serve her couples, along with all over the East Coast and wordwide. She has been published by numerous blogs, spoke at College Photography events, podcasts, and is currently the co-founder of Agape Creative Retreat + Equipped Podcast.