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Katye & Adam | Damascus Old Mill


A Damascus Old Mill Couples Shoot | Damascus, Virginia Wedding Photographer 

You know what I love? I love how things like Instagram and Facebook can bring us together for good. I know everyone sometimes talks about how social media is bad, bad, bad. But honestly – it can be a steward of good. Social media is how I crossed paths with Katye. She followed our story, loved chubby cheek Connor, and ultimately trusted me to capture her love story with Adam. She owns a small shop in Abingdon VA and he works doing what he loves in Marion. They love floating down the river together in the summer and Adam spends his free time telling Katye to take a day off and REST. Her and I can relate so much because we both love to work and serve people and you can tell Katye is amazing at it. We had the perfect golden hour over in the quite little town of Damascus, VA last weekend and boy did it not disappoint. With nothing but views of the water and each other to laugh and love, we created magic of two very incredible people! Enjoy a few of my favorites!