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Hills Go To Disney | Orlando FL | Photos By: Jennifer Pierce Photography

Disney is like home for us. We never take for granted when we get to go back because we know its on the bucketlist for so many people. Scott and I go to great lengths to make these family vacations happen. We decided early in our marriage that we were going to be about experiences WAY MORE than gifts, so that’s what we focus on each and every year. I feel like that got magnified even more when Connor was born in 2018.

I’ll be honest, when we know the next date for our next Disney adventure, our whole mood changes. We constantly look at the calendar, we start going to the grocery store less and eating at home more. We have a goal, a date on the calendar for our next adventure together and we love it!

This trip was special to us because the last time we had went, Connor was 4.5 weeks old (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!) That’s a story all on its own that I’ll share one day!

But we knew we were going to see him it experience it (obviously lol) totally different now that he was 17 months!

If you’ve followed our story for any length of time, you know there was long stretches of infertility to lead us to the day that I got to tell Scott that pregnancy test was finally POSITIVE! We had a crazy pregnancy, lots of swelling, too many hospital visits, but on January 30th, 2018 at almost midnight, we welcomed this sweet little boy.

We spent one morning with our friend Jennifer Pierce, a local to Orlando, and she captured our entire crew in our favorite place! Two things you should know, haha. One – we started at 8:30am and it was still a heat index of over 100. REALITY OF GOING IN JULY and the only person to get a smile was mom and dad lol. Connor was hot and so he got his paci in 90% of these, but we don’t even care, because this is our season and this is him. He even got to have a mini adventure with Peter Pan during our session that was so fun to watch through his eyes! This trip was such a blessing!

Thank you Jen for being the BEST inside and out and giving us these memories! Enjoy some of our favorites below!

We ran into Peter Pan during our session and Connor got to adventure with him for a few minutes!

Truly the magic of Disney! I loved seeing it through his eyes!


Thanks again Jen for these photos!