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Dane & Hannah | Sinkland Farms

Anniversary Shoot at Sinkland Farms | Elizabeth Hill Photography

I remember when Hannah first inquired with me about capturing her and Dane’s first year wedding anniversary. She said, “I have this vision to eat our cake and just dress up all over again like it’s our wedding day. Is that even a thing?” Well, I told her I was excited for her vision and that there was a first time for everything in my book. The instant we chatted I knew that Sinkland Farms would be the perfect backdrop as she would love to have some mountains!

So I traveled up interstate 81 to exit 114 where I used to call home. I’m a HOKIE grad and honestly, Blacksburg is my favorite little town on the planet. I look for an excuse to go there with Scott & Connor and have the hardest time, every time, trying to figure out what place I am going to eat because the list is so long of favorites. I forget sometimes that I used to live there for 3 years, so I had all the time in the world to eat my favorite things, but now in one trip, I’d be lucky to eat two meals and I always choose the small Chinese place off main street that makes THE BEST LO MEIN I’VE EVER HAD, so there’s that.

But – I have to tell you that Dane and Hannah just have so much incredible chemistry. You can tell how much they love each other and that taking the time to have this anniversary shoot was special to both of them. One year down and so many to go and I was so honored that they trusted me to capture it all.

There were so many favorites, but I wanted to share some here for you to enjoy from their Anniversary Shoot! Congrats Hannah and Dane on one year of marriage so far!

That sky thought <3

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