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Blush Pink + White Floral Weddings

Blush Pink Inspiration

Thrilled to be sharing the rich and vibrant colors of Blush Pink + White Floral Wedding inspiration!

Located right in the middle of Athens, GA and Atlanta GA, I see a lot of couples planning their Spring and Summer weddings. Soft, neutral, timeless colors are very popular! This wedding fits that style completely! It’s filled with elegant, timeless decor, including an all floral archway as the centerpiece of this wedding day!

Emily and Ben shortened their guest list so they could move forward with their Spring Wedding! Even though it was in the wake of COVID-19, they didn’t let the changes of the season take away from their beautiful wedding day!

All of Emily’s bridesmaids are wearing a wonderful coral color. This complimented the tan suits of Ben’s groomsmen perfectly! This timeless palette was an excellent backdrop for pops of color through vibrant pinks, corals, whites and greenery!

Their outdoor, mountain backdrop wedding, is perfect for this all floral archway to be on display. It shows the very best parts of their wedding day!

White Wedding Details

Below you will see all the little details they put into different parts of their day. This includes blush pink tones in their reception decor and a grand white wedding cake with pink and coral details! There was a tribute to Ben’s baseball career with his grooms cake and the sunset portraits that felt like we had stepped into a European field! It was such a joy to catch those last few moments of the sunset!

From start to finish, this wedding day is the perfect combination of Southern Style and elegance, with the vibrant pops of color so many brides are looking for!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer, Atlanta Weddings, Blush Pink + White Wedding Decor
Blush and White Wedding, Athens GA Weddings
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Emily had very elegant and timeless details from a veil with lace detail, to her simple, classic pearls.
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Having a first look with these two allowed us to have hundreds of portraits of them from mid-day and sunset!
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One of my very favorite captures from the day of Emily!
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You can see how this archway served as an incredible centerpiece to the mountain backdrop of this venue!
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It was such a joy to get those last few moments of sunset with these two!
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This archway was the perfect exit for these two from a spectacular southern spring wedding!
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